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Why Choose an Artificial Putting Green Instead of a Real Putting Green?

Why Choose an Artificial Putting Green Instead of a Real Putting Green?

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Why Choose an Artificial Putting Green Instead of a Real Putting Green?

If you have considered installing your own backyard putting green, you may be curious about the differences between artificial putting greens and real putting greens. While many golf courses will utilize well-manicured, real grass for their putting greens, there is a lot of work required to maintain your putting green if you don’t choose artificial turf. If you are interested in improving your backyard practice sessions, here are some of the ways an artificial putting green can help.

No Watering

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, you have to give it adequate amounts of water for healthy growth. This is the same for a putting green that is constructed from real grass. On the other hand, an artificial putting green doesn't require watering and can maintain its beauty for extended periods. While artificial turf may seem expensive at first, the savings in water costs over time make it a great alternative that saves money in the long term.

No Mowing

Putting green grass has to be mowed to remain very short for adequate practice that translates to actual course conditions. This means, that if you utilize real grass for your backyard putting green, you will be spending a lot of time maintaining the grass conditions. With an artificial putting green, the grass will maintain its level constantly and require no extensive mowing or maintenance to maintain its beauty.

No Feeding

Consistently feeding your grass can accrue expensive costs that may not make it seem worth it to continue to maintain your putting green. With an artificial putting green, you won't have to continually feed your grass to keep it lush and beautiful whenever you are ready to practice. This gives you more time to enjoy your backyard putting green year round, no matter what current course conditions may be.

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Why Choose an Artificial Putting Green Instead of a Real Putting Green?
7/17/2018 10:30:41 AM
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