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Cimarron Diamond Deluxe Cage with Frame Corners

Product Code: CM-3232224TPC

Today's baseball requires real time adjustments and strategy.  Dedicated baseball coaches and players need to stay ahead of the competition with development training.  Traditional batting cages are limited in the ways they allow athletes to fine point, focus and refine their skills.  Hitting with power can now be combined with ball placement thanks to our new Diamond Deluxe batting cage.

The Diamond Deluxe allows players to see more completely where their strengths and weaknesses are in a controlled invironment.  Specifically, players can see, feel and react based on actual ball flight.  If a player is struggling with opposite field success or pulling baseballs this tool enables a full view of contact to finish, similar to an actual diamond.  Recent baseball trends have shifted towards small ball and the Diamond Deluxe is designed for practicing moving base runners as well.  Now a player can practice bunting, drag bunting and slap hitting without running into a net.  Additionally, with Diamond Deluxe, fielders can practice fielding bunts, drag bunts, slap hits and line drives.

Take advantage of the Diamond Deluxes' innovative design today!  The Diamond Deluxe is perfect for players wanting to take the next step in their personal development or teams not wanting to be left behind.

***You will need to purchase 24 – 10' Lengths of  1 1/4” thin walled EMT at Lowes, Home Depot, or some other hardware store. 
LOWES SKU #72717 – HOME DEPOT SKU #580023

  • #24 twisted poly netting
  • Full rope borders
  • Net hangers
  • Has excellent abrasion resistance
  • Door for easy entry and exit from the batting cage
  • Does not absorb water and will not shrink
  • 1½" powder coated steel frame corners
  • 2 year Limited Warranty
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